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    How to mytical glory?

    I am always stuck in mytic

    31 august 2019 05:36 4295

    ая нет

    31 august 2019 05:41 4295


    31 august 2019 05:42 4295

    сосбесяяят сверляят ,юююЮЮЮ

    31 august 2019 05:43 4295

    hahahaha just play support and you will always win that game !

    5 september 2019 04:49 4295

    Ya mythical glory is hard, I rank mythical glory(103 star) for only 1 season(season 11) and thats because Im playing with my squad. But the next season I solo since me and my squad fight each other and I only get about 27 star season 12. I can't say anything but I can give you a few tips for this
    1-Don't be emotional
    Sometimes being emotional will effect the game alot. Just focus to play not typing and trashtalking
    2-Try to find a teammates or your friends
    Ya playing with friends that you trust is REALLY REALLY good because you don't know when you will get bad teammates
    3-If you're a solo don't master only 1 role
    This is very important because ya you don't know if your teammates would pick his fav hero and don't care. This is what you need to do to turn the table and use others role. Even the top player do this. Yes, some of the top player excel at specific role but still they still can play others role but doesnt mean they cant play it at all. Im a marksman user Claude(441 matches 74.4% winrate) but I still can play tank, fighter, mage and others
    This sounds simple but you actually need to figure out what is the item for you that suit you with your gameplay the best. You can watch youtube, live or others to learn. You may use their item to make as reference and you can experiment it yourself
    5-Focus on your objective
    Like Marksman focus on the core item(item that if its complete(not complete the whole build). it will deal a high damage). You may join war to get kill and assist to gain more gold but still, know your position and always focus on the map to because enemy might targeting you
    Like Tank help the marksman or assassin to farm as fast as possible and follow them not you ask them to follow you. Example:(Grock/Gusion) both of this can farm and roam fast. It will help a lot
    6-You may use 221 or 131 strategy to 4 man gank
    This is so good that top global often do it
    That's all. Maybe a lot to read but I hope this will help sayonara!

    5 september 2019 09:16 4295


    19 september 2019 19:52 4295

    Plüton olması gerektiğinden çok daha soğuk ve belki de şimdi bunun nedenini öğrenebileceğiz. Muhtemelen bunun sebebi, oldukça puslu olan atmosferiyle ilgili. İki yıl önce...

    8 december 2019 04:49 4295

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