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    Stardew Valley

    Hey Guys! Anyone here played Stardew valley?

    26 july 2017 06:07 15

    yes, I have it on steam. pretty cool game

    14 august 2017 08:25 15

    How do i play this game? Big Farm?

    14 august 2017 16:14 15

    You wake up every morning and you have a day to do your chores (plant, harvest, make quests, fishing, etc). You have mine to get ore and to fight slimes and other monsters, you can craft things, whtever you like. But when the day ends you have to sleep or you'll pay fine for passing out on a road. 1 ingame day is like 7-8 minutes of our time. You can't save game in the middle of the day, if you quit you start this day again.
    it's not just a farm, it's RPG and farming and time management. very addictive thing! :) watch some gameplays on youtube

    15 august 2017 21:56 15

    hello guys n gals any tips how to do well in this app?

    26 march 2019 15:01 15

    yes, I have it

    20 april 2019 21:01 15

    One of my fav games

    21 april 2019 06:02 15

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