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    Rise of kingdom

    Hello guys I have completed level 2"troops in rise of kingdom game. But I haven't got my gems in Gamehag. Please help

    29 august 2019 19:00 1628

    You should ask Misty or contact support. Hope it helps

    29 august 2019 20:35 1628

    Misty says go to subpage of a game and take a screen shot... I don't know what's the subpage of a game?

    29 august 2019 21:00 1628


    29 august 2019 21:07 1628

    What am I supposed to do now?

    29 august 2019 21:11 1628

    Take a screenshot that shows your nickname ( it should be the same or similar as the one you are using here) and that also shows the task that is asked ( in this case level 2 troops like you said)

    29 august 2019 21:27 1628

    Misty tells that we will ask you to take a screen shot.. Do we have to do this in rise of kingdom or in this gamehag.. I mean what is subpage of a game?????

    29 august 2019 21:49 1628

    You have to do this in the game rise of kingdoms in this case, and a subpage means the page that shows that information in the game, usually it's your user profile that has this info

    29 august 2019 23:30 1628

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