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    Usage of emotikons

    Hey, I have read a lot of threads on this forum and I had seen that most of you dont really use emotikons... I would like to ask you WHY? You know, emotikons would make your posts more interesting and it would be more fun reading this forum. I want to see more emotions here!

    26 august 2019 19:23 1628

    Funny that you don't use emotes by telling us we don't :p

    Anyway, I use them a lot when chatting (but rather the old "character-made" ones, although gamehag may convert them into emojis), and I think that's important because with text alone, you provide less information than when you're talking, and MUCH less information than when the other person sees you (IRL gives more info still than through a webcam). Anyway, emotes allow to provide some info that text can't. However, when arguing, or otherwise being serious, it's usually quite hard to add emotes, since they are (or at least that's how I feel about it) more for casual chatting x) I mean, even angry emotes, I'm not gonna use them if I'm actually angry, but rather to show (for example ?) that I "dislike" something you did (for instance, we're playing and you did something stupid), but using the emote in the end to actually make it feel paradoxically not aggressive (or at least not too aggressive. May depend on the exact situation) :)
    Also, before I add an emote, I need to to feel it's sincere. So if it's not, like because I'm in a bad mood, I won't (I may force myslef a bit for some particular cases, but that's all).

    26 august 2019 20:29 1628

    You have already said enough. Well, maybe I didnt use emotikon because this one is serious topic. ⚠ But if you look closely to my avatar picture you will see which one is my favourite emotikon. 😎

    27 august 2019 12:20 1628

    Haha ;p (I notice gamehag did not convert my smilies into emojis btw. They did recently when I added a " : facepalm : Without spaces, so 🤦 ^^ Anyway)
    Also don't worry haha, I checked your profile yesterday and saw you indeed often use emotes ^^ Not in every message, but you didn't say to !

    In any case, I don't know about others, but I guess there's a chance their reason is more or less similar to mine. Maybe as well they don't because not on mobile (I don't think the forum is on mobile, but not sure), making emotes less easy to add maybe (if they even notice where to add them). And "written ones" are more of an old thing now, so i guess they don't want (or even think) to use them instead ^^ Dunno.

    27 august 2019 14:08 1628

    it's not needed that's why..as simple as that..most people post only to gain xp..hence they even forget about it

    27 august 2019 15:24 1628

    The only emotikon I use is an awp for my csgo name lol

    27 august 2019 16:37 1628

    Maybe people dont really know you can use emojis on Gamehag..or they are useless to them it depends on the situation of the post tbh

    27 august 2019 17:12 1628

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