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    Whats your favourite game? and why? :)

    Looking for new games to try out ^^

    26 august 2019 18:06 1628

    My favourite game is"wolfenstein the new colosus"bcs is a fps with amazing graphics and great story. It also really blody game bcs it has takedowns like choping of someones leg with an axe. Oh yeah and you are fighting against nazis. Look it up to see if u like it and then if u think it good play it !!!
    If u want a parkour game play "mirror's edge catalyst"it has good graphics and it open world first person and it feels nice to jump from building to building. Tho it has a blurry story in the sense that it does not tell us much but as i said it has amazing parkour + you have to fight guards there are allot of guards but the fighting feels nice. You should look at a video to see if u like it !

    26 august 2019 18:21 1628

    thank youu, ill check them out ^^

    26 august 2019 18:22 1628

    if u have a lower pc u can play the Mirror's edge from 2009 and wolfenstein the new order/wolfenstein the old blood (2014/2015)

    26 august 2019 18:36 1628

    i have a gaming laptop, so most games run smoothly on high graphics

    26 august 2019 18:41 1628

    Great tip megadog1

    26 august 2019 18:49 1628

    The other wolfenstein games matter for the story!!!

    26 august 2019 19:14 1628

    XCOM 2

    I love turn based games. The squad based tactical strategy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 are so great. You get quite attached to your squad, thus it gets quite tense if you're in a pickle in a fight. Because i'm a ***** i resort to save scumming so i don't lose my members, but i did finish the game in the Iron Man mode (no saving, it autosaves itself).

    Got a couple of hundred of hours in it.

    26 august 2019 20:46 1628

    I like ARK and CSGO cuz are unicue and original series.

    26 august 2019 22:32 1628

    I like CS:GO and Roblox, i dont' know why, i just like it

    26 august 2019 22:42 1628

    I have played a lot of great games but I think I would give this title to bloodborne it is challenging rewarding and way more fast paced that dark souls

    26 august 2019 23:49 1628

    If that is not up your alley try the borderlands series which I have dubbed " "the fps with character " since the characters are unique and fun to encounter not to mention all of the guns available

    26 august 2019 23:52 1628

    Still not sold? you could try enter the gungeon a bullethell roguelike with millions of guns and items (dodge roll is best friend here)

    26 august 2019 23:53 1628

    Try Red Dead Redemption

    27 august 2019 01:48 1628

    i play dota2 because it's free

    27 august 2019 22:25 1628

    My favorite game was fortnite but now fortnite suck ass so my favorite game is Minecraft

    27 august 2019 22:41 1628

    my favorite game is roblox

    27 august 2019 23:40 1628

    mine is gonna be Borderlands 3

    28 august 2019 01:33 1628

    I really, really love atmospheric exploration games, and nothing does this better than Journey. It's been around for a while, and even though it has no dialogue, the scenes truly say a thousand words. You would have your own interpretation of the story once you finish, but it's well worth it to get there.

    But if you're not up for being wordless, Firewatch is another great game to try out!

    28 august 2019 11:02 1628

    ATM Destiny 2

    28 august 2019 11:08 1628

    my favourite game is fortnite because i love games with good graphics and with guns so fortnite is the best choice.

    28 august 2019 11:12 1628

    Roblox because it has multiple games on it.

    28 august 2019 11:24 1628

    My favorite game is Unturned. You will ask why? And because it is a computer indie game based on zombie-themed comics in the sandbox genre with elements of a horror survival simulator and an open world.

    28 august 2019 11:26 1628

    Mad max , Batman Arkham

    29 august 2019 20:29 1628

    Roblox because uf roblox xD

    29 august 2019 21:09 1628

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