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    Why am I losing xp while not spamming, I got 7 gems for reports and lost 7 xp too?


    26 august 2019 17:43 1628

    Since you lost 7xp and not a multiple of 10 most likely that comes from 7 comments on spam threads that were deleted or on a thread that someone deleted themselve, you only lose 1xp for a deleted comment

    26 august 2019 17:51 1628

    yeah.. i was wondering why i lost xp

    26 august 2019 18:05 1628

    hmmm i lost some xp too but only 4% :|

    26 august 2019 18:13 1628

    On a related topic, how much xp do we get for an added comment?

    26 august 2019 18:52 1628

    I get one EXP point per short comment. 🧐 But longer comments bring more EXP points. Keep that in mind. 🤔

    26 august 2019 19:08 1628

    What is displayed is a percentage, not the raw numbers. Which matters, unless spamming removes 10% xp, and not 10 raw xp.
    About how much raw xp a comment gives, btw, @Kabash herself doesn't know (but assumes it's less than what you lose from spamming. Which would make sense. But do you lose twice as much ? Five times ? Ten times ? Or something else in between that would be non-integer).

    Other than that, I noticed -2% xp yesterday, assumed a thread I replied on was deleted (although I try to avoid them, but who knows), and today noticed that a topic (https://gamehag.com/forum/t/129365-havent-received-my-reward- ) where I replied, and that I kept opened to be able to check it and not forget, had pretty much all of its answers deleted (and is now even locked). Including mine, that made me lose an additional 2% xp, which I don't care for but I was trying to help that guy and maybe he never saw my last comment (and no, I did not spam. Haven't been considered spamming anyway since I lost little xp and no warnings, but still got my messages deleted).

    Also, I took this weird screenshot (that was 4-5 hours ago) : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/35/1/1566823109-sans-titre.jpg
    Last comment of a topic 34 minutes ago, and then it jumps to 1 day ? (which can technically range from 24 hours to 47 hours ago, although it was most likely around 30h I guess)

    Refreshed before sending, but I talk about that above. In short, nobody knows.

    26 august 2019 19:11 1628

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