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    Lords Mobile

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    good and beautiful game

    Lords Mobile is an MMO strategy developed and published by IGG. The game is free, but contains in-app purchases. According to analytical data from App Annie, the game is one of the most popular applications (among strategies) in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play. The official description of the game says that it has more than 60 million players around the world. In 2016, Lords Mobile won the Google Play Best Competition Award nomination; in 2017, it was nominated for the Google Play Award in the Best Multiplayer Game nomination [1] [2]. Content 1 gameplay 2 reviews 3 Advertising and marketing 4 Awards and nominations 5 notes Gameplay Modes Lords Mobile combines MMORPG and strategy. Her gameplay consists of several game modes. The most important among them is the PVP battle mode. Players must improve their fortress and develop an army in order to attack enemy fortresses, destroy them, seize resources and enemy leaders. Usually, players can only attack enemies from their kingdom, but during the War of the Kingdoms (KvK) all kingdoms (sometimes one, sometimes several selected by the system) are open to attacks (excluding new servers protected by shields). Players can also attack monsters and bosses that periodically appear on the kingdom map to receive resources from them. In addition to the usual attacks, players can participate in capturing locations on the map to receive bonuses (either for their own profile or for the entire guild) [3]: War for miracles; Feudal Wars (Wars for the title of Baron); Battle of the emperors. View of the battlefield when attacking an enemy fortress The game also has several additional game modes: Tests of Heroes - PvE-mode in which a player with the help of five heroes must go through locations one by one. Passing the location allows you to get new heroes and experience, as well as materials for their improvement. Colosseum - PvP mode in which the player selects up to five heroes and fights with the previously selected heroes of another player. Increasing the position in the Coliseum rating allows you to get better rewards. Labyrinth - PvE-mode in which the player can fight monsters, as well as the randomly appearing Guardian, defeating which you can break the gems jackpot (a solid game currency). Guilds Players can join or create guilds to collaborate with other players regardless of location. Guilds can help their members with research and construction, reducing research time. They can also earn rewards for their members by killing monsters and making purchases in the game. Heroes Lords Mobile has over 40 heroes. They are divided into several types: wise, strong, dexterous. All characters are unique with different skills, attributes and designs. The strategy of the game involves the need to improve all characters. Most heroes are available through in-game purchases, another part can be obtained during the passage of the tests of heroes. Reviews In his review for GameZebo, Tom Christiansen noted that he was barely able to get through the beginner's guide (“[passing training] is a typical routine (albeit to a lesser extent) in many mobile strategy games, but Lords Mobile has taken this process to the extreme”) , one “gentleman's grace” for him was the PVE-mode of the Test of Heroes, in which players can control the heroes in real time and run skills. Nevertheless, the rest of the gameplay seemed to him a routine, from which, he would like the developers to get rid of [4]. Anonymous reviewer Kanobu.ru described the game with the following words: “If you like Travian-style projects, but they lacked colorful battles, Lords Mobile will come in handy” [5]. Advertising and marketing To promote Lords Mobile, IGG holds mass events in different parts of the world (in particular, China and South Asia): forms of marketing vary widely from cooperation with a supermarket chain (for example, Indomaret [en] in Indonesia [6]) to the invitation of stars. Among the famous stars who were invited to participate in advertising campaigns were Korean actress Song Ji Hyo [en] [7] [8], Japanese comedian Daisuke Miyagawa [en] and Japanese engraving idol Rio Uchida [9] ..

    21 august 2019 10:29 2212

    well, good

    21 august 2019 10:30 2212

    It's a good game, you can do a lot, there are quests and stuff, missions and other things, it's amazing

    23 august 2019 14:53 2212

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