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    Steam or visa? Delivery speed question.

    What's faster to receive visa prepaid 5 dollars/euros or 5 bucks steam gift card? Steam gift card is more convinient for me, but visa is said to be 24 hours delivery and I wonder if steam is worth the wait.

    15 august 2019 19:57 1628

    Steam must be faster since they only need to send you a code. Now I can't be sure, and even if it can indeed be as quick as I think (like a few minutes), it will ALWAYS be possible to take longer than it usually does.

    15 august 2019 19:59 1628

    It makes sense that the steam option is faster, but I can't see how long it takes nor if it's availible since I have enough sg only for visa. Can somebody confirm it for me?

    15 august 2019 20:03 1628

    Ordered 2 visa 20€ prepaid cards here before, and received both within the same day ( that is if you choose to get your visa card send online, no idea how long a physical one takes)

    15 august 2019 20:51 1628

    I have enough for both and they don't tell me anything either for steam, while they do for visa. For me, them not saying anything for steam is simply because it's supposed to only take a few minutes.

    15 august 2019 21:00 1628

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