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    PUBG is better than Fortnite

    Please tell me why PUBG is better so Fortnite people get roasted

    12 august 2019 15:40 3272

    your grammar doesn't make sense and considering that this place intereseted you you are definietely here to just spam

    14 august 2019 18:40 3272

    If only people could stop those childish wars... If only they could understand that "different" doesn't mean "inferior", too. You're not even trying to be objective, all you want is to list good sides of PUBG. But completely ignore good sides of Fortnite. While (some) Fortnite players are only doing the same useless and pointless things. You're all only wasting your time, trying to find arguments (that often won't even be good ones) that the other "side" won't even listen to (whether that's good arguments or not, most of the time).

    So do yourself a favor, and quit that stupid war. Just saying that for you, but it's up to you to follow my advice or not (and if you don't... Well, have fun wasting your time).

    16 august 2019 21:08 3272

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