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    How To Earn Soul Gems Fast

    So i will show you how to earn Soul Gems fast on GameHag i will also recomend which rune's you need and make sure you screenshot.

    So let's get into the 10 ways how to get Soul Games.

    1.Daily Login
    When you login every day you earn 5 Soul Gems.

    you can buy in 2 days the Mannaz rune which will give you 40% more Soul gems every time you login so you will get 2 more soul gems to every day so 7 Soul Gems every day. And when you Login 7 days you can get the week chest in which are runes .  

    2.Get More                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    When you click on Get More up you can join their discord and get 10 Soul Gems. You can also get more Soul Gems by adding a shortcut to Chrome so you don't need to keep on writing Gamehag.com over and over. You'll get 20 Soul Gems. And do the other things in there also to Get More.

    3.Mini Games
    Mini Games are Hard and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to get Soul Gems from them but you can still try. And don't give up you'll train them and be a master in them. The Mini Games have scores so reach them and you'll be rewarded

    4.Play Games
    Just Play Games. Play Games to earn Soul Gems if you can't get new games or you dont have a gaming PC you can change your location with VPN or somehow but one game is easy to trick it's Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming you can just send some random memes or pictures and they're take it but it always has to be a diffrent picture

    5.Invite Your Friends Or Make A Youtube Channel
    Invite Your Friends Or Make A Youtube Channel and tell them to write in your reffer code which you can find in the Get More tab and when you'll get as much Friends or wievers you'll get Soul Gems alot.

    6.Download The App
    Download on your mobile device and earn more Soul Gems Do surveys and take screenshots.

    7.Write An Article
    Write an Article to earn 1000 Soul Gems but make sure you're Article isn't spam like mine or plagarism make sure it's in good condition understandable etc.

    8.Enter Codes
    Enter codes for Soul Gems chests and etc. You can get Codes from Youtube and social media.

    9.Open Chests
    You can open chest like the week chest i talked about or summer chests christmas chests and etc.you can win prizes or Soul Gems.

    10.Vote Articles                                                                                                    
    Vote articles you can get up to 50 Soul Gems if your fast enough to vote all the articles make sure that you vote them out right or you wont get your reward!

    And thats all 10 ways to earn Soul Gems Fast.

    11 august 2019 15:14 1625


    12 august 2019 04:39 1625

    why i go back in level 1

    12 august 2019 04:52 1625

    Are runes worth using tho?
    I think i have a few and I'm unsure if there's a better time using them

    12 august 2019 05:37 1625


    12 august 2019 05:39 1625


    12 august 2019 05:57 1625

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