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    can any one give me recommandations about wallpaper engine

    I wanna bu wallpaper engine but I so confused about it cus I asked some people and they told me that wallpaper engine makes you pc run very slower and it is has also a lot of technical problems so can you guys give your thoughts and your recommandations about it and tnx

    9 august 2019 01:35 1628

    I don't understand what you're saying. For now at least, all I can say is that if you want to get wallpapers, be careful on which site you go, some are distributing viruses and malwares.

    9 august 2019 01:42 1628

    I was talking about an app on steam that called wallpaper engine and it makes you run animation on the background of your pc

    9 august 2019 01:44 1628

    Oh, I see ^^
    It seems okay, according to what I've seen, and at worst you can refund if there's a problem. Just be careful to not wait too long or use it too much. You have 14 days after the purchase to refund, and "play" time must not exceed 2 hours. Also, when you close it, check in the process that it's really closed ! Steam checks how long the process was open, not how much time is recorded on your Steam account (prevents abusing offline mode), and I've seen once someone being unable to redeem a game because of that.

    However, a negative review talked about the site "rainmeter". Which, according to them, is better, and free. And as far as I can tell, it's reliable (I'm using NoScript (an addon), which helps to quickly check on some security sites : virustotal, urlvoid, WOT (aka "world of trust"), hphosts, and others I checked, none reported something bad (WOT isn't the most reliable source as scores are user votes, but it can still be useful, espcially by reading the comments. Also, most likely for this reason, but it's no longer available directly through NoScript, but it is through urlvoid)

    Sorry for making it a bit long, but I think some clarifications were needed ^^

    (Note : Don't know if I can send a link, so I'll try in a separate comment)

    9 august 2019 02:53 1628

    Here it is (if it works) : https://www.rainmeter.net/

    9 august 2019 02:55 1628

    @Azkunki TNX a lot that's really helpful and I appreciate your efforts by giving me all this iformation
    tnx again

    9 august 2019 10:09 1628

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