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    roblox need rubox for t shirt

    As a moderator, I'm looking for articles with good formatting. If your article was rejected, first check and fix its formatting. Learn how to use HTML Formatting, and it will give your article a higher chance of it being accepted. Secondly, ensure that your article has GOOD QUALITY PICTURES. An article with minimal to no pictures, small, or blurry pictures is less likely to be accepted. Here is a list of reasons as to why your article might be rejected. No article picture. Several spelling mistakes. Topic of article is not related to portal. Duplicated topic. Plagiarism. Offensive language. Spam. Overuse of colourful/large fonts. Overdoing the formatting. Poor text structure [No paragraphs, Wall of text, etc.] Referral Links/Advertising Bad Sites. Cross check your article with this list and fix any of the issues with it before submitting it for review. By doing so, your article will have a greater chance of being approved. Hope this is helpful to you!

    3 august 2019 10:38 1628

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