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    two days have passed and i havent gotten my key

    i got the fallout 3 key 2 days ago and i still havent gotten it. says id get it within 24 hrs. ive gotten keys before but this is the first time this has happened to me. anyone else have this problem?

    1 august 2019 21:51 1628

    The actual maximum time it can take to receive a reward is 31 days, going to have to be a bit more patient I'm affraid

    1 august 2019 21:53 1628

    Most of the rewards get dispatched within 3 days, but according to the terms they have up to 30 days to deliver and on the 31st you can request for refund.

    2 august 2019 01:04 1628

    that sucks

    2 august 2019 09:27 1628

    oh good to know

    2 august 2019 09:58 1628

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