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    Conqueror's Blade

    (3.82/5) 319 rates

    tasks for the game

    is the task hard to get? i dont want to have to spend a lot of time into it

    30 july 2019 11:12 5094

    The first task is simple, straightforward and reasonably quick. The second task is nigh impossible though. You need to capture two villages, which is incredibly difficult and requires heavy PVP engagement outside of regular matches. You will need to join a house and an alliance and then wage wars against other houses/alliances to capture their territory. If you wish to do it completely on your own then 1) Prepare for a LONG time trying and 2) You will only have a few hours a week (on saturday evening and tuesday evening if I'm not mistaken) to actually capture anything.

    1 august 2019 17:07 5094

    i like money

    23 august 2019 21:30 5094

    yeah its hard

    23 august 2019 21:30 5094

    как всё делать

    30 august 2019 22:01 5094


    30 august 2019 22:02 5094

    As long as the first task is easy to do I'm good

    5 september 2019 12:00 5094

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