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    The Flash Season 1 Review

    i really enjoyed season 1 until after awhile i got lost in what was happening and found it hard to follow along

    7 november 2019 07:38 1625

    Now we need to talk about the powers that he had in the show. The stuff that Barry learns in the show is being taught by Harrison Wells a lot of the time and I will explain why that is later if you haven’t seen the show. Now besides super speed, he was able to do a super sonic punch which he used on his former bully, hands spinning so fast it makes wind which he uses to put out fire, running on water which was used to my knowledge only one time in the whole show, running through time which I don’t want to mention how many times that was used, and the vibrating hand which was used by the main villain of this season. Now I forgot to mention how Barry Allen got speed and I think it was good to say it here because its the origin of his powers. So Harrison Wells started the Particle accelerator, and it fails which causes multiple people to gain super powers. Barry got struck by lightning and he fell into a coma, when he woke up, he got super powers and can now run faster than the speed of sound. He is Sonic the Hedgehog!

    7 november 2019 07:39 1625

    it blew my mind, its a really good serie but, it has been getting worse these last seasons that i dont even want to watch it anymore lol, but anyway thanks for the writing

    7 november 2019 08:44 1625

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