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    What determines the reward delivery times?

    It's common knowledge that the rewards of the site take very different times to deliver. Today was the first time I ordered a reward: a Steam Wallet code worth 10 euros. Estimated delivery time was up to 24 hours. And it took a whopping 12 minutes to arrive for me. Yet I keep hearing that many people who ordered a reward with the same estimated delivery time more often than not had to wait at least a couple of days before receiving their rewards, some even longer. I just wonder what are all the affecting factors.

    29 july 2019 14:23 1628

    I think it's just database or interent issues.
    Anyways support is there to assist you should you encounter any issues with the reawrds

    29 july 2019 15:34 1628

    I can't say for certain, though it most likely depends on factors like stock, types of rewards, and availability of the mods. I've redeemed twice here so far: a game that only takes 7 minutes for the key to arrive and Visa prepaid that still hasn't arrived yet since last week.

    2 august 2019 09:01 1628

    What was the game you redeemed DarkGreiga?

    14 august 2019 21:38 1628

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