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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    (4/5) 3548 rates

    Game Of Thrones Is It A Good Game?

    If someone would ask me "Is it good a game?" I would say yes. Because this game is crazy good you should try it. It is one of my fav game.

    29 july 2019 12:19 4117

    Well just like games like clash of clans all you have to do is waiyt until your buildings are upgraded if you dont want to waiyt but want to play the game you should fight. if you dont like any of these things this game is bad in your opinion.

    30 july 2019 10:06 4117

    Игра интересная , быстро затягивает , играешь фармишь воюешь вообщем много интересного

    4 august 2019 23:26 4117

    Its ok game but still nothing especial

    6 august 2019 16:30 4117

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