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    Mini games not rewarding?

    I tried the snake mini game and it said for every 60 points you get soul gem. I didn't receive even after scoring more than 60 points in one game

    29 july 2019 07:16 1628

    Same idk what up with mini games, i got the amount of points or coins you need on almost all games and didn't receive anything. Also i worked hours for a reward and it just says "Reward is unavailable" how long do i wait?

    29 july 2019 07:22 1628

    you need to complete some tasks and contracts i think to do mini games

    29 july 2019 08:13 1628

    @umer Not Written Anywhere But Okay Have You Been Awarded From The mini games?

    29 july 2019 08:14 1628

    Idk but when i play minigames on pc i get 5 gems and on phone 1

    29 july 2019 08:37 1628

    They don't work on a PC, they do on a phone but if you already have a phone, watching ads is more profitable.

    29 july 2019 17:13 1628

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