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    What is better Chest or Instantly buy robux?

    I think it is about luck when you buy chest because it costs a lot, but if you buy robux you get instantly that emount. If, you feel lucky then you should buy chest.

    28 july 2019 18:24 2173

    its all about luck with the chest, and surprisingly, I got 400 robux from the chest

    28 july 2019 22:40 2173

    If you want to have your chance on getting robux worth more than the chests's value then take chest. If you prefer playing safe, instantly buy them

    28 july 2019 23:08 2173

    Robux because you have to be really lucky to get more Soul Gems than the chest was worth.

    29 july 2019 08:39 2173

    I think chest is better,because you get a higher chance of getting a larger amount of Roblox.But if you buy Robux i you get instantly the chosen amount.

    29 july 2019 12:02 2173

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