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    Hahahaha hahahaha hahaha

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahaha that's the only way that you have received your message is not the named

    27 july 2019 11:35 15

    красота или ляпота

    30 july 2019 19:25 15


    31 july 2019 15:12 15

    I really dont like farm games, they are boring and waste your time. This is wath I this, you can love the farm games but not me.

    11 august 2019 14:06 15

    Liking a game doesn't make it good either ;) (this is true for anything, of course)
    I'm not saying this is a bad game though. I don't know whether it's good or not since I never played it or even saw anyone playing it (only saw people saying this game was bad, but I don't even remember why they were saying that. Not that we could say they were bringing real arguments anyway, I think). But the point is that you can't say "everyone still has to chose for him/her self if this is a good game" : "How good or bad something is" is a matter of objective arguments (meaning that it's easily very hard to know if something is good or bad, as we need to define what "good" and "bad" is, which can lead to lively debates), while "How I like or dislike something" is personal opinion, and an opinion is subjective ;)

    13 august 2019 10:37 15

    HAHA i need XP AND i write coments beacose its thery thery easy

    9 september 2019 11:13 15

    вем прив

    9 september 2019 12:18 15

    мне нужно еще 14 процентов

    9 september 2019 12:18 15

    до 3 лвл

    9 september 2019 12:18 15

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