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    Roblox review

    "The childish lego game"
    "The minecraft copy"
    How is the game really like?


    When one says he plays roblox most of you will start thinking he is an eight years old kid playing some copy of minecraft or some weird lego game, so first of all, let me blow you bubble, roblox came before minecraft, and the two games are nothing alike.

    Now, about the game itself, it really is a lego game, but no, it is not a whole game made out of literal lego cubes.
    First of all, roblox is a developing platform, it is a game that tries to let other people learn how to make their own games, roblox has a simple scripting language and many guides to help one learn how to script, it supports uploading models from apps such as blender just as it allows you to create your models through roblox, all this, and perhaps even more, happens in the Roblox Studio which is installed together with the roblox player as a seperate app.
    The games in roblox are actually created by it's very own players, allowing developers to start creating games in a friendly platform filled with players, but, what you might be thinking now is: "How does that help?"
    Well, you can also sell gamepasses for your game, if you have membership, you will recieve 70% of the robux (Robux is the economy used it roblox) a person paid, without membership however, you will only recieve 10%.
    Developers may request a cash out from roblox, and exchange their robux into USD, however, roblox checks how the robux was gained, so if you didn't earn this robux through game, roblox are likely to decline your request.

    תמונה קשורה

    A players may also design their own clothes and sell them to other players for robux, however this feature is a members only one.
    Another members only feature is trading, roblox has a bunch of special items with only a limited amount of them (Simply, those items are limited to an amount of sales, and after that can no longer bought from roblox or go offsale after some time and become limited- the second option doesn't always happen), those limiteds can be resold by players for robux, or traded to players for other limiteds, each roblox item has "RAP" (Stands for Recent Average Price), an item's RAP is based on the item's sale and how much did it sell for, trading is known as a great way to get rich, simply because if you are good at trading there's nothing new for you to learn in order to start doing it.

    Note: This is an old trade completed by me and it didn't have such a huge difference when it was completed.

    And about the regular players? The ones who just want to play? Roblox offers them a variety of easily accessable games all in one place, you can start by playing one game with a friend, and then play with him a whole new game easily, you use the same account and almost all the games are free to play! (Some games have paid access which means you must pay robux in order to play it, however, the majority of games don't have it).

    Hopefully I managed to change your mind about roblox :)

    25 july 2019 17:46 1625

    Hello someone here ?

    26 july 2019 08:25 1625


    26 july 2019 15:59 1625


    26 july 2019 15:59 1625


    26 july 2019 15:59 1625

    need robux

    26 july 2019 16:00 1625


    26 july 2019 16:00 1625

    hi thank u

    26 july 2019 16:48 1625

    hi mens and girls, review good. i liked

    26 july 2019 17:12 1625

    thank you very much for this rewiew. this helps me.

    26 july 2019 19:24 1625

    Roblox is a pretty good game tbh

    26 july 2019 19:28 1625

    Hello people

    26 july 2019 19:36 1625

    lol i like fortnite more than minecraft

    26 july 2019 19:43 1625

    and hii guys

    26 july 2019 19:44 1625


    26 july 2019 20:30 1625

    Ну такое ннормальнноо))))

    26 july 2019 20:43 1625

    add me in roblox nickname fachrudi321

    27 july 2019 06:46 1625

    me need a trade item

    27 july 2019 06:47 1625


    27 july 2019 17:49 1625

    still sucks tho

    27 july 2019 19:15 1625

    всё норм

    30 july 2019 13:35 1625

    hello. roblox the best

    30 july 2019 14:27 1625

    hello hello

    31 july 2019 10:36 1625

    give me game fo you

    31 july 2019 11:46 1625

    Ohh roblox my best game ever

    31 july 2019 11:58 1625

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