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    God War the strategy game of 2017!

    God War plunges you into the magical universe of an RPG. Throughout the various missions, with other hereos you will fight a lot of different monster and try to grow up to become the best !

    1- Discover the game !
    • With the help of a very easy to understand and extremely complete tutorial learn the basics of the game!
    • In this tutorial you will learn how to attack your enemies with the best attacks while trying to play strategically.
    • You will also learn how to enlist allies in order to be able to beat your enemies more and more ferociously !

    2- The Quest !

    • The quests will be in the game your main goal in order to gain level and become the strongest! They will be varied and varied for more fun !
    • Moreover, it will allow you to win gold and vials that will serve to improve your stuff.
    3- The battle systeme

    • The battle system is in this game very simple to understand and therefore very pleasant. Just choose his attack and manage his Rage points to use the best strategy.
    • With its equipment the attacks carried out and received do more or less evil that is why it is necessary to equip well before leaving on the attack!

    4- Conclusion
    •  To conclude we can say that this game is of a very good quality graphic and sound but especially on the level of gameplay.
    • I would give a 4/5 for this game that I recess though I think the only worry is that in the end once the quests are resolved the game becomes tiresome.


    26 june 2017 14:54 1625

    One of the best games of this generation.

    6 july 2020 07:29 1625

    i will definetly try this game thank you so much

    6 july 2020 11:23 1625

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