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    King of Avalon task

    Task is to get lvl 10 castle. I build it and task didn't complete ( I have same name in game ). Can someone help please?

    24 july 2019 17:27 1628

    You have to register to the game using the Gamehag's link and also after you complete the task you have to upload the screenshot proving you have done it. You can see how to screenshot the completed task correctly in the discord server of Gamehag.

    24 july 2019 17:46 1628

    I registered through GH's link and task doesn't need screenshot

    24 july 2019 18:03 1628

    Mine did work. The problem is that the other task for king of Avalon has not worked for me. Even If I have completed it

    24 july 2019 21:45 1628

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