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    Roblox is a really good game!

    Hey guys, if you noticed, ROBLOX is a really good game! I mean a hella bigga good game I love it because you can play with your friends funny and cool games or you can also create games if you want to and roblox gives you the oportunity to learn to develop a game and create scripts etc. and also you can earn cash if you get hella much robux from your game! ROBLOX WILL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER ^_^

    22 july 2019 21:51 2173

    roblox is too cool

    23 july 2019 18:38 2173

    roblox s minigames is very good

    23 july 2019 18:49 2173

    It used to be in my heart but once they removed tix it's not as fun anymore really.

    But I still play it a lot ;)

    23 july 2019 18:52 2173

    Best games in world

    23 july 2019 20:11 2173

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