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    nyan nyan cosplay has enter the chat Everyone left the chat me stays here god enters the chat and left are bless queen nyan. Nyan cosplay left the chat left chat to.

    19 july 2019 23:41 2188

    nyan nyan cosplay has enter the chat Everyone left the chat me stays here god enters the chat and

    23 july 2019 12:42 2188


    Writing articles on Gamehag is one of the better ways to earn gems. However to earn gems from writing articles you have to contribute something of acceptable quality that doesn't violate one of Gamehag's core rules. This post is to help guide those who want to write for the site. It also will act as a way of recognizing why your article may have been rejected. It also goes into detail about what voters tend to like and what moderators look at as disqualifications. Reading this before you write an article will help you write an article that will be published.

    What Do I Write?

    Write About What You Know

    Maybe if you've played a game recently you can write a review of it. Perhaps you have some niche knowledge about a competitive game that you could share. If you're really good at a competitive game like League of Legends and you have REAL tips on how to play a certain champion or a role.
    Often there are article submissions that are written by people who don't actually know what they are talking about. When this happens it's really obvious. Don't write an article about League of Legends if you're Bronze 5. And don't write a review of a game you've barely played. I would never dream of writing an article on CS:GO because I'm terrible at the game. And I'd never write a review of Virtua Fighter because I've never played the game.

    Don't Write About Something That Has Already Been Done

    Something that plagues the proposed article section are Roblox articles. There are dozens of Roblox articles already on this site. And most of these articles say the same thing over and over again. Your version of "What is Roblox" or "Roblox Tips" will likely get rejected by voters. It has already been done and you aren't contributing anything new.
    However you shouldn't be scared to review a game that has already been reviewed on the site. While we don't want a hundred reviews of the same game having a handful isn't a bad thing. A review is a subjective article and havin

    23 july 2019 13:11 2188

    Grilling is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. There’s nothing better than getting together with friends and family for a big ol’ BBQ.

    24 july 2019 22:28 2188

    Warfece is cool game or not?

    26 july 2019 07:26 2188

    warface ****
    But war frame is so cooooooool

    27 july 2019 21:00 2188


    3 august 2019 20:27 2188

    I used to play warface, i loved it, but the fact that when you die you sometimes have to wait for AGES for someone to reach a checkpoint is really annoying.

    4 august 2019 10:59 2188

    warface is so good i tods like it i need something

    8 august 2019 18:05 2188

    but i don't get it how to do it i hope i'll figure it out !!!

    8 august 2019 18:05 2188

    Super random indeed.
    Althought Warface is amazing

    14 august 2019 18:41 2188

    привет как делааа

    11 september 2019 06:29 2188

    Прив хорошо

    11 september 2019 06:50 2188

    Wery bad game

    30 september 2019 21:18 2188

    Super random team...

    3 october 2019 09:06 2188

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