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    I never played a Final Fantasy game, and I want to know if this game worth it, or better to buy another one from the franchise. Thank you!

    18 july 2019 16:09 2165

    I want to play but i think to play FF 1

    26 july 2019 18:14 2165

    sı onemlı degıl bırınen baslayın dınamiklerini seversenız devam edersiniz

    5 september 2019 13:19 2165

    For buy is ok but when need to pay it montly not

    12 november 2019 14:47 2165

    yes buy it great game

    12 november 2019 14:49 2165

    can anyone give me free steam key, please? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    12 november 2019 15:47 2165

    Sure,it's is a nice game for me.

    3 december 2019 19:58 2165

    what's the difference btween the free version and the paying version

    14 february 2020 11:00 2165

    I honestly think this game is worth buying! The gameplay, visuals, and story are fantastic, and the soundtrack is amazing! But, if you aren't big on MMOs, it might be best to go with a different Final Fantasy---most lof them are single-player, aside from 14 and 11. If you like MMOs, this one is really fun and has a lot of helpful tutorials if you need them. Oh, and you can have one character learn every class in the game, and if you only want one character you can pay a slightly lower monthly subscription.

    16 february 2020 00:19 2165

    **** yea its wrth buying this game is the ****

    24 february 2020 21:51 2165

    It's pretty awesome if you're into MMO type games and are happy to pay a montly sub fee. It can be a bit of a dull time tho at the end of the main game before you reach the expansion content.

    5 april 2020 22:59 2165

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