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    Is this game worth playing besides doing your tasks in Gamehag

    I would really want to know because it is from the creators of Warface, and it was a pretty legit game.

    15 july 2019 17:06 2193

    no very bad

    22 july 2019 19:23 2193

    This game is amazing even if you don't pay for any upgrades. First of all it has better play mechanics than WOT. The addition of not only artillery but scout and tank killers armed with ATG's. rockets, guns and autocannons gives players a large choice other than a tank. Customization is awesome. You can camo you vehicle anyway you want and add components according to your play style. In PVE/PVP you will not always win as decisions have consequences and teamwork is vital to be victorious. In other games you don't research traditional National tech trees but instead are given contacts which have vehicles from several countries so your choice in getting your vehicles to 100% will give you access to the next vehicle in a higher tier.

    29 july 2019 15:00 2193

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