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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1540 rates

    Still shit

    4 years, and 4600 hrs = Gold nova 4...

    13 july 2019 20:10 808

    The hackers make it realy bad

    14 july 2019 13:15 808

    Maybe try making a smurf account and see how far you will rank up in mm, like I was a new player, I started playing csgo once it became free to play, but within 100 hrs I made it to Master Guardian 1. That's also probably cause I used to play cod growing up as a kid. But my advice is to play with better players you'll learn tips and tricks faster that way! And try out workshop maps like uLLeticals aimbotz map where you practice headshotting. And honestly, once you get prime and your trust factor increases there's literally no hackers @Katona5259,

    14 july 2019 17:47 808

    Well sir you dont like the game or you play for losing time only :))

    15 july 2019 19:16 808

    They should get rid of those hackers, and the game will be the best in the world!

    15 july 2019 20:33 808

    like they should change the movement and then it will be top

    15 july 2019 20:56 808

    its just a game, and the end of the day its not important

    17 july 2019 22:34 808

    nooooo cs go is still ok

    18 july 2019 14:22 808

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