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    Leveling up

    I'm trying to level up for 4 days but can't

    13 july 2019 17:21 1628


    13 july 2019 17:30 1628

    That's because you keep on making threads that are considered spam (this one is too). You earn 1xp from making them, but you lose 10xp for each of them, try being helpful on the forums instead of giving answers that have been given already or make no sense, and instead of making threads that have already been made so many times or that have no value, make some that are helpful (check if there isn't one made already first). Or be patient and simply do tasks and the leveling will happen by itself

    13 july 2019 17:33 1628

    Thank you for the help

    13 july 2019 17:42 1628

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