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    Why did Roblox ban Linkmon99?

    If you haven't heard, Roblox recently gave its richest player, Linkmon99, a ban. Fortunately, he was able to recover his account, but he temporarily lost all of his rare items. Why would Roblox do such a thing?

    12 july 2019 17:19 2173

    trust me, i dont know any linkmon99 in roblox

    14 july 2019 13:17 2173

    I heard of Linkmon99's ban. Roblox moderation is very bad. They banned him for promoting his promocode?!?!?!? They think he is scamming. this is what roblox told him to do.

    14 july 2019 15:32 2173

    Linkmon99 Not banned :D

    29 july 2019 04:00 2173

    if banned linkmon99 i will report ROBLOX

    29 july 2019 04:00 2173

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