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    League of Legends

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    New to the game, any tips?

    I am new to Lol but i am very interested in it, any newbie tips?

    11 july 2019 22:52 77

    play with bots

    15 july 2019 12:12 77

    Try to practice killing minions (last shotting). Play with bots for sure. I've been playing this game for five years and sometimes I still play with bots too cuz it helps me to get used to the champion im playing. Also items do a lot of job on league so you can watch some streamers or youtubers to learn about items and stuff.

    19 july 2019 11:39 77

    Play the easy champs like garen, lux, master yi. First focus on the minions so you can focus on the enemy or their turret

    19 july 2019 13:04 77

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