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    Rejected and Misty is no help

    I got rejected, and the message says that i haven't created a new account, even though i used the link on gamehag. Misty is of no help, is there no real costumer service or just a bot on this site? Anyone else have these problems too?

    8 july 2019 14:01 2205

    Did you create a new account for the game? If misty can't help you, no one can.

    8 july 2019 19:35 2205

    Yes i did.

    8 july 2019 20:01 2205

    This is so frustrating - one of the people I referred to this site actually quit with a whole bunch of points still, all because of issues just like this. You do the quest and it just rejects you almost automatically and there is no support to help you.

    22 october 2019 20:31 2205

    who even reviews those screenshots,my friend sent multiple fake ones that they accepted lol

    7 december 2019 14:41 2205

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