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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.58/5) 1053 rates

    Can in matchmaking a team of 3 AWPs and 2 Rifles beat 4 Rifles and 1 AWPer

    In matchmaking you see people playing 1 tap guns like AWP and scouts too which can make 80hp damage easily rather than 30dmg fast fire rate weapons like m4a1. Is this the main reason why we aren't pros cus we don't play our role. Write about this down in the comments

    7 july 2019 22:43 808

    Depends on a players skill, to be honest. Either team can win.

    8 july 2019 14:03 808

    depends on the map, playstyle ,skill

    8 july 2019 19:17 808

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