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    best plane

    what's the best plane iyo

    13 june 2017 21:19 11


    A-20 (2.3): "catch me if you can"
    P-47 (3.0): all-around beast in this BR
    P-39 (3.7): 37mm troll machines, bomber terror
    BTD-1* (4.3, prem): seems like a fun way to troll at high alt
    B-17 (5.0): not quite as OP as some think, but still.. n00b fighter terror
    F8F* (5.3): tough opponent

    notes: somewhat underwhelming early fighters, gets strong late war


    Me-109 F1,F2,F4,G2 (3.3,3.7,4.3): kings of altitude
    Do-17 E2/E4 (4.7): was borderline OP before WT added 2 tons to bombload.. lol
    MIG-15bis (8.7): see Russia

    notes: lots of solid machines all-around. 190s are powerful, but their BR is tough (must be lots of good pilots)


    LaGG-3-8/11 (2.0): sheer biplane terror
    SB-2 (2.0): bomb-all-day, biplane terror
    MIG-3-34 (2.3): 2xShvaks speed-demon
    P-40-E1 (2.3, prem): all-around beauty.
    Ar-2 (2.7): 1.5 ton bombload with diving ability & maneuvrability
    Pe-2-205 (3.7, prem): best money-maker in the game, precision bombing with mucha speed
    Yak-9T (3.7), P-39/63 (prem): 37mm troll machines, bomber terror
    I-185-M82 (4.0): angry bird with turbo climb, instant roll & 3 center-mounted Shvaks. Whatever's in front, dies.
    Yer-2-Ach (4.7): "when 4 tons are not enough". Base-killer, though less influential than before; lifetime achievement award
    MIG-15/bis* (8.3,8.7): ppl seem to fear it

    notes: low-tier heaven, high-tier meh (except MiG-15)


    Beaufighter Mk VIc (3.0): 4x20mm tank
    Spitfire Mk IIb (3.7): all-around beauty
    Typhoon Mk Ib (3.7, prem): 4x20mm terror
    Spitfire F.Mk IX (4.3): all-around beauty
    Spitfire (Griffon)* (5.0): ppl seem to dig it
    Wellingtons (--): hah...really makes you appreciate bomber pilot sacrifices in WW2.

    notes: solid fighter lineup, crappy bombers


    H6K4 (2.3): will troll if given a chance (and lots of time to get there)
    Ki-45 tei (2.7): bomber killer & sneaky bomber (if it still starts up high, haven't checked, otherwise no)
    B7A2 (4.0): Japanese BTD, all around sneaky troll
    G8N1 (5.7): prop fighters don't even bother chasing it

    22 june 2017 16:07 11

    American planes...they're great. This because they all use the 12.7mm M2 and M3 machine gun. You might ask "it's a machine gun, what can it do?" Good question. Well, when the Italians were released in 1.69, they buffed the American 50 cals too. Now, they're like shooting a laser beam. They're one of the most consistent guns in game, and have good ammo count and velocity too, so you don't need to lead too much. You even get them on your first few F-86 Sabres, and they're a faster firing version, the M3. Use any belt you'd like on these (they gotta be the ones like on the P-47s and P-51D/Hs, the early ones are just kinda meh) and you'll be good.

    Anyways, away from the 50 cals, America, like Germany, is not a turn fighter nation. They have kinda heavy planes, and while they can turn in some situations, like with a Fw 190, it's not advised. P-51Ds are a classic and iconic aircraft, and are such in game. You get the F8F-1b Bearcat, with 4x 20mm guns that are AMAZING, fire fast, but overheat very quickly and spread a lot. If you can hit with them, they usually kill very quickly. Jets are great too, F-86 Sabres, F-84s, all good aircraft. P-80 is a great introduction to jet combat (jet combat is very tricky to get into at first, since you need to keep up your speed) and will help you a lot.

    10 june 2019 05:20 11

    Ehh nothing is better than the Might Swordfish! Nah but jokes aside. There's no such thing as the "best". Everything relies on ones skill and luck. I say find your style

    12 june 2019 15:05 11

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