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    Is it possible to grind helicopters without premium?

    So i've been playing this for 2 years now, it wasnt a big problem for me to grinding jets and top tiers tank as their battle reward are acceptable and with some golden eagle i earned from wagers, i spent on premium account for a few days when i was really eager to get a new vehicle. But with this helicopter battle, I tried it even with the premium actived but I only get about 25k~30k Rp per an hour endurance confrontation match, and without premium even worse, 10k for a win battle. All that helicopter requires a lot of RP, like almost 400k RP for a single vehicle and also the price is not so reasonable. I'm running out of golden eagle and still need over 300k for the German Hind. So overall, what is your opinion about this? Is there any better way to research helicopter other than premium account and talisman vehicle? Please tell me. Thank for reading.

    30 june 2019 17:15 11

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