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    [GUIDE] How to buy 2 battle pass bundles

    Guides & Tips
    1) Go to the bundle on the Dota 2 store on your browser : https://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/21336?r=cd
    Safe to make sure you have enough steam funds for 2 bundles before you continue
    2) Continue the transaction as normal until you reach authorize page
    3) Wait 35-40 mins <<<<<< VERY IMPORTANT bro
    4) Go buy the bundle in-game (If you didn't wait earlier, you will get an error at this step, you must wait 35+ mins)
    5) Complete the purchase on the browser
    Now enjoy your 2 bundles! :)Keep in mind this only works if you have not purchased it in the past.

    27 june 2019 11:47 5035

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