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    Why did my screenshot get rejected?

    I literally showed that I got 15 wins, and it rejects?! please tell me what to do.

    24 june 2019 22:28 2176

    Click on your profile, and go to your medals section, and then to missions. Screenshot that. If it is rejecting that, try once or twice more. If it is still rejecting, tell misty.

    25 june 2019 00:39 2176

    there is something though i cant really screen shot the whole missions, because it won't send...im not sure if its my internet or not but thanks for the help!

    25 june 2019 03:52 2176

    You need to contact support

    2 july 2019 17:38 2176

    OH MY GOD FINALLY IT ACCEPTED! THANK GOD! thanks for the help everyone! :D

    3 july 2019 08:57 2176

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