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    where`s the RULES

    I would like to know what rules gamhag have?? Also is is it possible for me to see the rules on the website? please help me! thanks ¤)

    15 june 2019 15:33 1628

    Unfortunately, the rules cannot be read outside the forum/discussions section. Gamehag moderators have set the rules for gamehag on their created threads, you may have to search for it though.

    I have searched some of them for you, if you encounter any questions that needs to be tackled/discussed that haven't been discussed inside the forum, please feel free to create a thread for it. Although, creating threads that have been already discussed before could be regarded as spam and may result to penalties (more information regarding spamming is seen on the link i've provided below)

    Furthermore, if you have any problems regarding the reward process, you should contact support, I'll also be providing you the link for their contact and another alternative to contact support, they'll be helping you with your reward if you create a ticket (creating a ticket is another way of asking for help).







    (1) Gamehag e-mail: [email protected]

    Cheers, may you have a good experience here


    15 june 2019 16:07 1628

    I think the most effective way to get Xp in game hag is to post and answers threads on forums. And I guess articles as well

    15 june 2019 20:31 1628

    Well rules speaks for itselfs

    15 june 2019 20:57 1628

    With commenting max 5 times a day without rediceing your xp

    15 june 2019 20:58 1628

    @mostvan you can comment as much as you want as long as it's not spam, but you will only get xp from 5 comments each day on the forums and from 5 on the article section. Keep in mind that if it is spam it doesn't matter how many comments where, you will always lose 10 xp for each one

    13 july 2019 17:38 1628

    The most effective way to get xp is to do contracts from the walls, just don't complain on here if they don't pay out as GameHag has NO say on if you get paid for them or not.

    13 july 2019 23:35 1628

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