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    What are the heroes that push towers very fast in Dota 2 ?

    TB is probably the fastest while in metamorph, he can destroy tier 4 in a second when 6slotted
    troll is most efficient with only 1-2 basic items , phaseboots and vlads, but doesnt scale as well into very late game.
    luna can clears creeps really fast and doesnt even have to stop attacking the tower
    sf does brutal raw dmg early on
    lycan with necrobook destroys both buildings and creeps pretty quick
    jakori can kill creepwaves with Q and ult while damaging and slowing the towers attack with E. he doenst need items to push.
    bounty hunter with battlefury onehits every creepwave, add deso and he kills towers really quick too
    every hero can buy necrobook and refresher orb
    arc wardens tempest double with tp boots
    Lycan is my favourite hero, and he just so happens to be an amazing hero for taking buildings quickly.

    13 june 2019 13:06 5035

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