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    Exp got decrease?

    Why my EXP got decrease even that I was inactive? I was inactivated like nearly a semester. When I come back to Gamehag, everything becomes unlike what I was thinking. So what the problem with it? To be sure, I had come every day just collect daily SG cus I'm busy. Is this problem came from me or your system? Administrator? Owner?

    1 june 2019 18:40 1628

    Also, moderators, if you could solve this problem. Please help me!

    1 june 2019 18:42 1628

    Or do I need to contact by Email?😤

    1 june 2019 18:44 1628

    It's probably better to contact support

    1 june 2019 19:01 1628

    It's possible some older comments were just now reported as spam, or perhaps threads you commented on got deleted and you lost some xp that way or it's possibly a bug so in each case I would contact misty at least and try to find your answer there or try to go through direct contact with the site

    1 june 2019 21:21 1628

    @alone82 and @Sebastian50 I have seen both of you spamming and I am sure plenty of other members have seen that too, each spam comment = -10xp

    2 june 2019 00:08 1628

    wait @Bjobjokke, answering others question is a kind of spam you see from us? so what is this forum for??

    2 june 2019 06:52 1628

    Me ive been inactive for just 2 days and theyreduced me 1 level with half of ghe exp why pls fix its so hard to level and its so easy to lose them

    2 june 2019 07:35 1628

    @Noel_23pro, it's because most of your comments are very much pointless all the time, I checked your forum activity and it's contradicting to your complaint. Stop complaining, look at your self first before you even try to complain, you'll just look petty for blaming gamehag for everything.

    You want your complain to be answered directly? Here's the details, the label spammers describes you a lot: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53175-earn-soul-gems-from-reporting-spam-comments

    In the end, i still don't think you'll read this anyway, just like any other spammers would do. Be responsible at the very least, if you spam, don't complain. Geez

    2 june 2019 08:15 1628

    @Sebastian50 considering you lost xp and also your previous comment has been marked as spam as well and deleted it proves that you do more then just talking ( and yes complaining about losing points is also spamming) splitting comments, giving wrong info, being rude,repeating others answers, commenting short and/or irrelevant things, are all also considered spam

    2 june 2019 10:23 1628

    @Bjobjokke okay, I totally undrastand now I know better about spamming and all these things, thank you and please do not consider this massage as spam. before this I thought the spam comments are just the pointless comments that doesnt even mean...

    2 june 2019 11:00 1628

    You lose xp only if u comment spamly if u know what i mean
    and every comment that is deleted by a mod you lose xp from it

    2 june 2019 15:27 1628

    i lost half a level yesterday i dont spam but my english writing isnt great so i try to send short comments maybe short comments considered as spam ?

    2 june 2019 16:22 1628

    OK, This look like it not good. I'm also a member of Gamehag nearly 1 year now. But what I'm asking is "Why my EXP got reduced even that I was inactive?" I had remembered everything on Gamehag! As always, No One marks my thread as spam cus I'm not that kind of person! Also for those people how are unliked comments, why do you don't like it? Unlike button is not a good button for playing!

    3 june 2019 16:16 1628

    Iam new to this community and i have faced experience loss from first day.My experience was decreased from level two to level one.This is a major problem here.

    15 july 2019 00:36 1628

    Is there any way/any plans to add a way to check of what comments you lost your level? I'm kinda new here...

    17 july 2019 14:39 1628

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