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    Is this game fun?

    30 may 2019 18:17 2921

    Stop spamming or you get reported.

    30 may 2019 18:17 2921

    Oh I am so sorry I did not know that talking a lot on the forums could do wrong-

    30 may 2019 18:19 2921

    Now you will know what to do in future

    8 june 2019 05:54 2921

    Oh also Daniel3131 I noticed that you only go on random threads and say that a lot. (So basically you are trying to report a bunch of people for no reason.) If anyone else sees this post just know that Daniel3131 just mass reports random people for simply even talking on a normal thread. (Or even creating a thread that was orginal.) I just noticed this when looking at his profile a couple days ago.

    12 june 2019 19:33 2921

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