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    What is your favorite part of this game?

    What is your favorite part of PUBG? The maps? The weapons?

    24 may 2019 14:35 2270

    Red zones - its beast driving through

    24 may 2019 15:03 2270

    I mean the Snipers

    10 july 2019 18:56 2270

    köprü şavaşı

    21 july 2019 18:29 2270

    Environment of the game

    21 july 2019 18:30 2270


    30 july 2019 10:37 2270

    Вам нравится эта игра?

    30 july 2019 11:11 2270

    Я люблю из оружий kar98 особенно если найти хороший прицел.

    30 july 2019 11:13 2270

    Well, for the favorite things here goes my list:

    1. Knock out an opponent by gun then kill him by fist or pan.

    2. sometimes i gather my team mates, then take a stun grande and let it bust in my hand. in this way i am not stunned by my team mates are.

    3. Fire a bike until it catches fire but not bust. then ride the bike like Ghost rider.

    4. Knocking out a single player (only him) again and again via sniper not knocking out his partner who is healing.

    5. Riding on bike on full speed and do jump stuns by any ramp available.

    15 august 2019 10:42 2270

    Ну, для любимых вещей здесь идет мой список:

    1. Выбейте противника пистолетом, затем убейте его кулаком или кастрюлей.

    2. иногда я собираю своих товарищей по команде, затем беру оглушающий Гранде и позволяю ему лопнуть в моей руке. таким образом, я не ошеломлен моими товарищами по команде.

    3. Огонь велосипед, пока он не загорается, но не бюст. затем ездить на велосипеде, как призрак всадника.

    4. Выбивая одного игрока (только его) снова и снова через снайпера, не выбивая своего партнера, который исцеляется.

    5. Езда на велосипеде на полной скорости и прыгать оглушает любой рампы доступны.

    15 august 2019 20:03 2270

    the maps and weapons

    16 august 2019 21:20 2270

    i also enjoy the community

    16 august 2019 21:21 2270

    xD @skyville89, I love your number 3 haha. For me, can't tell since I don't have the game yet, but I think simply driving will be something I'll love x)
    Of course, people could tell me "If you just like driving, why don't you play a racing game instead ?". Well, that's not the same thing actually. The... atmoshpere, I guess, is different. It's hard to explain why it is though. Also, I'd say it's as well because that's not only about driving (that's not the only thing I like, and... maybe that allows to make driving moments more valuable, too ?). Also (again), I enjoy it more when I have a reason to go where I'm going. Although you're not wandering randomly in a race, there's no point to drive (except for "winning the race"of course).

    Anyway x)

    16 august 2019 22:18 2270

    killing my teammate

    9 september 2019 14:57 2270

    everything i love this game it gets you all fired up

    9 september 2019 18:14 2270

    I hate my teammate...

    10 september 2019 05:18 2270

    Redzone is my favorite

    10 september 2019 07:22 2270

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