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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1623 rates

    The new lobby

    So as you might already know, the lobby in CS:GO is now changed, and you can invite other players that want someone to play with and you can set yourself to 'want someone to play with' yourself. What do you think about this feature? (not running CS:GO in English, therefor there's probably some bad translations)

    24 may 2019 14:18 808

    I really like it because it gives searching for a new game a little more personalisation if you know what I mean...Makes it more personal and easier

    24 may 2019 15:17 808

    cs go hilelere cozum bulmalı

    24 may 2019 16:19 808

    I guess it's good but don't use it

    3 june 2019 16:15 808

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