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    I f you look at the top ranked users, you will see most of their accounts are less than a day old. They just completed tasks for 2 game and already have 15$ in amazon card. What is this witchcraft?

    24 may 2019 09:03 1628

    Mate a game nets me like 100~200 SG, and 5$ costs like 3000SG. Do they really get 50x what I get?

    24 may 2019 09:13 1628

    @Wally18 the ammount of SG for tasks has a lot of difference depending on what country you are in, here in Belgium (Europe) for example war thunder right gives a total of 6000 sg for all tasks, it's the same with what games are available too

    24 may 2019 09:41 1628

    Well it's my fault for living in a nobody-cares country I guess

    24 may 2019 09:43 1628

    @logingi if you look at their account, you'll see it's not that hard.

    24 may 2019 09:53 1628

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