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    League of Legends Best Mage - Vladimir

    Welcome to my guide for my main champion, Vladimir. I have played exclusively Vladimir in ranked and am a pro (not really lol, I just play him A LOT) at this guy. Hope you enjoy my first article!

    "The rivers will run red." - Vlad

    Who is Vladimir? To play a champion in League of Legends, you must first understand their lore (not really but it does make for a much more immersive experience!). Vladimir actually has ... the most vague lore in the history of all 130+ league champs. This seems really weird, doesn't it? I mean, almost every champion has essays and short novels written about their history in the Rune Terra universe with extensive details about their origin stories and such but Vlad remains a mystery. Even creatures from the abysmal Void have more fleshed out characters than our boy in red! What he is at origin though, is a simple man ... who thirsts for mortal blood -_- He is   part of the Noxian empire (the dark and brutal civilization) and has been active in its affairs since the empire's earliest days. He is a master of the sanguine, long ago he controlled the dark magics of blood and now can unnaturally extend his lifespan by bleeding his enemies dry. Much like his game play, Vladimir is a force to be reckoned with and just WON'T DIE!!!

    Before I begin, I must say that the enemy team might hate you for playing this champion. It is extremely fun though since Vlad is almost never seen at low ranks, people will severely underestimate his power right up until they die.


    Vlad is a ranged champion but that doesn't mean much, your basic attacks will be as powerful as rubbing the enemy with a feather. Your true power lies in your abilities. With powerful combos that are hard to master, you can 1v5 any team and become a champion of the league. Play safe early game by last hitting minions and staying near your tower since you have no escapes, if an enemy ambushes you, you will die! You do not use mana but be careful since your spells will cost your own health! Farm up your gold to buy your items and start slowly snowballing until you become the Crimson Reaper.


    Crimson Pact
    Passive: Crimson Pact  - This ability is actually a passive unlike many others in league which make you have to actively manage them lol. It is a very simple thing that scales with Vladimirs 2 main aspects, Ability power for insane damage and Health to make you a beast tank. 'Every 40 points of bonus Health gives Vladimir 1 Ability Power and every 1 point of Ability Power gives Vladimir 1.4 bonus Health.' Simple right? Seeing as you will be building solely health and AP items, this ability is perfect as it simply rewards you further.

    Q: Transfusion - The main ability in our toolkit is our Q, very weak at low levels but once you get into the mid-late game, this will shred your enemies. The actual use is also very simple, you target an enemy and deal magic damage while healing yourself. Sounds weak but believe me when I tell you that this ability is a god-send. Once you build items that boost your healing and increase your damage output, you will be a god. Plus, with the immense amount of Cool down Reduction that you will be buying, this ability is extremely flammable, up to a cancerous rate xD
    Crimson Rush
    Now, this ability actually has a second part that you will be using more often than not. Every time you cast your Q, you load a stack of Blood thirst. Once you reach 2 stacks, you activate Crimson Rush. Now, Crimson Rush will be activated instantly when you reach 2 stacks and will start decaying rapidly! You will only have 0.5 seconds to cast this which seems pretty dumb but makes sense once you think about it. During the 0.5 second time frame that Crimson Rush is active, casting your Q on an enemy will be like casting your normal Q but on steroids! You will deal 85% more damage, heal for a lot more health and if you are missing health, your heal AND damage will be increased! An absolute great ability! I cannot tell you the times this has saved my life. Late game, you will be able you take out 90% of an enemy's health bar while replenishing yours by 80% every 4 SECONDS! CRAZY RIGHT!

    Sanguine Pool
    W: Sanguine Pool - The rest of Vlad's abilities pale in comparison to his Q (mainly because they have huge cool downs) but are nevertheless important. This ability is simple, press it to sink into a pool of blood for 2 seconds. While submerged in the pool you can move around freely and receive a decaying movement speed bonus. You become completely untargetable and untangible while in this form. Enemies standing above you take some damage but that is not the main aspect, they are also greatly slowed. You also heal for the damage you do while in this state. An absolutely versatile ability that you must use carefully as the cool down is 30 seconds at rank 1. Use it to dodge incoming damage, escape an ambush, reposition yourself, chase down a fleeing enemy or more!

    Tides of Blood
    E: Tides of Blood - Your second main source of damage is this channeled ability. You Q is undoubtedly great at bursting down individual targets but sucks at groups, that's where your E comes in. Press it and hold it down to channel, the damage and range will increase the longer you channel but will cost more health and slow down your movement speed as the cost. Release E to send out a stream of blood bolts in a circle around you. This ability will deal lots of damage and if it was charged for more than 1 second, will also slow. Use this as a follow-up damage tool and combine with your other abilities to deal crazy damage to the entire enemy team.

    R: Hemoplague - This is your ultimate ability that is great for amplifying your abilities. Cast it to place a pool of plagued blood on the ground in a small location, enemies standing on it become 'Afflicted' and boy, does it suck being afflicted. During team fights, try to get this on as many enemies as you can because of the overpowered debuff it will give. For the duration of the affliction [4 seconds] the enemy will take 10% increased damage from ALL SOURCES. Absolutely nutty! At the end, it will detonate dealing lots of damage and healing Vladimir for a bunch too.

    22 may 2019 18:05 1625

    Well... thanks for all of the free SG. You can consider yourselves reported for spamming.

    31 may 2019 13:20 1625

    I'm still yet to try league but I'll keep this in mind

    8 july 2019 10:25 1625

    i do think he is the best

    10 july 2019 16:37 1625

    not the best but one of the best

    11 july 2019 10:08 1625

    not the best truly not the best

    13 july 2019 18:12 1625

    The rivers will run red haha! My profile background is Vladimir in LoL!

    16 july 2019 13:39 1625

    actually vladimir mains can acutally can kill me

    19 july 2019 19:52 1625

    nice a game!i like this ****

    19 july 2019 20:10 1625

    Nice game,very good

    19 july 2019 20:11 1625

    thanks for advice

    19 july 2019 20:28 1625


    19 july 2019 20:28 1625

    oh geat ideaa

    19 july 2019 20:37 1625


    19 july 2019 20:37 1625

    thanks for advice

    19 july 2019 20:37 1625

    like it bro

    24 july 2019 09:26 1625

    sounds good bro

    24 july 2019 10:18 1625

    He's *one of* the best.

    24 july 2019 10:52 1625

    Кill me please

    24 july 2019 12:22 1625

    vladimir is one of the champs i hate ngl

    28 march 2020 20:40 1625

    vlad is the best ty for this

    28 march 2020 22:12 1625

    with Vladimirs 2 main aspects, Ability power for insane damage and Health to make you a beast tank. 'Every 40 points of bonus Health gives Vladimir 1 Ability Power and every 1 point of Ability Power gives Vladimir 1.4 bonus Health.' Simple right? Seeing as you will be building solely health and AP items, this ability is perfect as it simply rewards

    29 march 2020 00:29 1625

    i suck at him

    29 march 2020 14:34 1625

    men are u blyat

    29 march 2020 14:35 1625

    vladimir is not a best mage in LoL there is lot of stronger mages .

    2 april 2020 13:05 1625

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