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    What do you think Gamehag could do better?

    As we all might know - Gamehag is (probably) not perfect. Me, for instance, don't like the minigames on here. It might also be a little "too" hard to level up sometimes. What do you guys and girls think?

    21 may 2019 16:46 1628

    Well for one thing, they could bring the 'articles' section back. Apparently all accepted articles end up only on the forums nowadays, even if they really were of proper quality. Which in turn is because a large number of plagiarised articles got through in the past, apparently because moderators never bothered to do their own check for plagiarism properly.

    21 may 2019 16:56 1628

    They should make quizzes for sg instead of surveys because the surveys never work

    21 may 2019 18:04 1628

    I'd say leveling up is wayy too hard. For the past 3 days I've been trying to level up from lvl 2 to lvl 3. Can't imagine how some people get to lvl 30.

    21 may 2019 18:09 1628

    Well leveling up sometimes becomes difficult as you level up. Just Like me focusing on increasing my level to 5.

    21 may 2019 19:12 1628

    Too hard to lv up, plus mod can just deduct point(exp) without any reason, and you can't even know which post and why.

    21 may 2019 19:14 1628

    I admit, I also kind of agree with the poor quality of minigames. Only a few, so difficult that earning soul gems is nearly impossible, sometimes they're not earned even if you reach the informed amount of points, and I don't think the Stick Santa -one even works properly. The minigame selection is definitely a fiasco.

    22 may 2019 08:54 1628

    I will like to have the option to sell my SG and be paid into my PayPal Account

    22 may 2019 10:42 1628

    Its real nice

    22 may 2019 11:06 1628

    I'm not too demanding about newer features to the site. What I need from Gamehag is the basic features available in the browser version of the site to be available to the app version, like the Daily Steam Chest and the ability to login daily through the app (this means we can get our daily login bonus from the app without logging in through our browser).

    22 may 2019 11:28 1628

    well lets begin with where everything is about gaining SG Misty denied a lot of tasks without reason so thats lost trust

    22 may 2019 16:42 1628

    I nearly forgot the one thing I have always been trying to say: the mobile app should be accessible with Steam account just like the main website. Because it isn't allowed to have multiple accounts on Gamehag, which is why people like myself can't use the app at all.

    23 may 2019 14:28 1628

    well i think the SG rewards from contracts should be instantly recieved, well there are some tasks that i've finished like a week ago and yet i still didn't recieved my SGs

    23 may 2019 16:42 1628

    Re-enable proper support in Misty and not automated messages.

    25 may 2019 13:13 1628

    put more rewards and actually fix misty

    25 may 2019 13:17 1628

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