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    About articles and their quality

    We have a good and properly detailed guide to article writing. That is all well and good. However, it would seem that lately all acceptable articles have ended up on the forums instead of the news page, with always the same reason: the article's quality was substandard. I admit, looking at the articles, some of them have clear flaws that have a negative impact on the quality, but I also think some of the articles that ended up on the forums would have been good enough for the main page. They fulfilled all the informed requirements, after all.

    Why is this so? Have the moderators made their requirements stricter? What are the good properties for articles that aren't mentioned in the beforementioned guide? If articles are simply going to end up on the forums regardless, the moderators should at least be more specific about what needs polishing, otherwise the writer will keep on repeating the same mistakes if he keeps on writing things the wrong way.

    20 may 2019 16:58 1628

    The requirements has always been strict, this topic has been discussed thoroughly by the moderators, you may also check this thread for it - https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53130-how-to-get-your-article-accepted-from-a-moderators-point-of-view

    In the end, we can never argue what's good and bad since we're not the ones to decide.

    20 may 2019 17:38 1628

    Well, IIGalahadII, I have seen that thread, but I admit, there are some details I might not have paid that much attention to. Though I think some points like 'overdoing the formatting' might be somewhat subjective. But I intend to keep that in mind in the future.

    20 may 2019 18:30 1628

    The moderator responsible for articles is Kabash, so you need to ask him. But here's how I see things and I know what I'm talking about. The "Articles" section is dead, even though it isn't written anywhere. And that thread everyone's posting, "how to get your
    Do you really think that our articles accepted that easy? it's not true, I summited some of my articles four times, two times rejected by the bot and one from users that thought I am plagiarising from my own article and one for a spelling error and this is not the one I have many. if you want I can send you a screenshot of my article section.
    I am saying if you dig everyone grass yard you will find some worms. don't search like ****. just check them not dig into the whole fakin internet for a mistake. by the way, they are not paying you for doing it.

    I check my articles comment so many times, people came and saying no little mistakes here and here and etc. instead of doing that help me correct them.

    6 june 2019 22:20 1628

    zdan, you'll get what you deserve.
    And also, how are your articles written in almost passable English, but here you write like a monkey sat on a keyboard? lol

    7 june 2019 12:50 1628


    I can understand that you're upset about the flaws of the website and having your comments deleted, but ranting on the forums will accomplish nothing. If you feel like speaking to me properly, I'd advice you to accept my friend request.

    8 june 2019 11:37 1628


    What's this? I'm just trying to be neutral, I wasn't complaining, just suggesting for improvements for this website. I even suggested adding me to your friend list so that we could talk privately, so there is no risk of being considered for spamming.

    This is how you respond? By accusing me of bribery and corruption? I'd advice you to mind your manners. The thread that got deleted? Guess I forgot about the fact that the forums aren't really considered the platform for suggestions around here.

    8 june 2019 12:57 1628

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