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    Gamehag CSGO Skin Inventory

    I just found this out right now and I hope this could help. How? (See Below)

    Gamehag actually has a stock for their CSGO skins, I "assume" that this was it. Also, I think that these are the skins that will be sent to you whenever you purchase those specific skins that you've always wanted, including their quality whatsover.

    Check this out: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gamehag_bot_2/inventory/

    I'm just assuming things but most skins that I have received from them has a bad quality. If you guys check their inventory, you will see what kind of qualities they have. Goodluck!

    16 may 2019 16:23 1628

    Also, I hope that I'm not going against gamehag rules for posting this since I do not know every little information about the rules, except for spam comments, I just discovered this when I was just playing around steam and basically just stumbled upon the inventory, didn't even know there was -- this is for the gamehag moderators. Thank you.

    16 may 2019 16:28 1628

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