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    Star Stable

    (4.03/5) 1399 rates

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    For 3 quests

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Stable

    This looks like it would be easy how long is the task

    3 april 2021 03:30

    good game yeah and it is a good game and btw you can get SG from there insanely a good game.

    3 april 2021 19:14

    I remember playing this game when I was younger, so it brings a bit of nostalgia to the present days. Glad it's on here to earn a couple gems :)

    3 april 2021 19:15

    what do you do in this game i am maybe going to play it

    15 april 2021 08:38

    I like this game! Playing for a long time like 4 months! I like the tasks in this game! I think this game should be paid because it's very cool! :D

    22 april 2021 01:53

    Well, really long time that I don’t post here (more than a half year, to be more precise), but hey! I’m back. I decided to change the subject of my posts. Yeah, there are a lot of indie games worth to talk about, but in my life (understand life as when I play videogames) I saw a lot of exotic games that felt so wrong to me that I loved it, from indie games to big company games, that I wanted to share. Some will be really obscure and others main stream, the important here is to be really absurd. Now let’s go to the first review!

    29 april 2021 12:10

    Best game for rideing a pony, awawawa, good job

    29 july 2021 16:06

    mi a faszom ez badzmeg, gondolkodj geci mielott csinalsz egy ilyen jatekot te autista roman kutyageci

    30 july 2021 00:32

    Very good horses, and good game, have fun.

    30 july 2021 10:14

    The second mission is a very enjoyable game.

    31 july 2021 13:45

    You have to pay for the last task. Not bad anyway.

    31 july 2021 14:21

    Star stable is absolutely amazing. I've been playing the game for around 2 and a half years now and have had no bad experiences. I only buy star coins when it is double star coins and it saves me so much! Definitely recommend this game to children ages of around 7+.

    20 october 2021 12:40

    very boring lazy made and pay 2 win game.

    31 october 2021 12:16

    This game is very female orientated and like other posters said is aimed at young kids.

    1 november 2021 01:10

    wat a wonderful nice game it is so awesome

    4 november 2021 17:41

    that a perfect game wow so good star game i love sh

    7 november 2021 16:09

    I have no idea what kind of game this is. What is it?

    11 november 2021 13:29

    I love my little horsie . I brush her white mane daily to keep it stout and beautiful.

    17 february 2022 14:30

    worth to play only for gems or is hard to get compared to amount?

    21 february 2022 11:48

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