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    Tips for Skyblock?

    I think im already good in skyblock but you might know something that i dont know, so please comment here to also help other players :D

    31 may 2020 04:17 2173

    Hmmm If you are going to farm, it’s best if you go for carrot first and skip tomato because tomato is really bad. Another thing is you should buy a bunch of trees and plant them

    31 may 2020 04:30 2173

    Oh and you should plant trees far from each other (about 6-7 blocks from eachother)

    31 may 2020 04:31 2173

    you should build many farms as you can mostly AFK (Away From Keyboard) farms.

    31 may 2020 05:24 2173

    you should farm more in order to get more moni and have iron sword to fight slime

    31 may 2020 06:39 2173

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